About Us

Paula Bailey

My home is my sanctuary. As an interior designer, my goal with each project or sale is to leave our customers with the same welcoming and instantly comforting sanctuary experience. I feed my passion for creating home décor through sewing, painting and refinishing furniture. I focus on utilizing local sources, eco-friendly materials (100% cotton is my best friend) and repurposed items. Many of my creations are made in limited quantities or are one-of-a kind which can customize any of our customers’ décor.

Working together with my sister- the other half of the “Pair”- we believe in living simply, but we strive to make every day special. We keep it simple by using natural fabrics and repurposing whenever possible. We make it special by providing products and services the help our customers make a space that is authentically theirs with one-of-a kind pieces, ecologically conscious goods that evoke a timeless family feeling.

Terri St. Laurent

Two passions fuel my creative spirit; art and travel. With passport in hand at age 15, I embarked on my first of many trips across the USA, Europe, and Africa. After receiving an Art History degree from Boston University, my annual adventure trip abroad is the cornerstone for all my inspiration, feeding my creative nature.

One Creative Pair Designs Interiors, Studio and the OCPD Market Place are my outlets to extend my design sensibilities thru interior design and share my custom artworks with all of our customers.